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Govt Agencies

Moratorium on fish farms adds one more assault on small business

Commentary by Karl Spees

Peninsula Daily News 12/18/17 – “State ends lease for PA fish farm”

Had Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton been elected in the 2016 Presidential election, no doubt she would have continued and expanded Barrack Hussein Obama’s Western Civilization destroying Agenda as just deserts for her “Basket of Deplorables“.    In 2016 WA State Democrat Public Lands Commissioner candidate, attorney Hillary Franz, was elected to office. (In my recent opinion letter, “Marbled Murrelet – Same Agenda Different Bird” chronicled how Hillary Franz took 600,000 acres of timberland on the WA Olympic Peninsula out of the multiple-beneficial-use category to the ‘lock-it-up and burn-it-down’ category.  She essential advanced the Dysfunction Democrat anti-Western Civilization Agenda of ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts‘.)
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Citizens express concern over aspects of draft shoreline management plan

By Sue Forde and Lois Krafsky-Perry

The public, or at least about 80 of them, showed up for the public hearing at the Board of Clallam County Commissioners’ (BOCC) meeting on Dec. 12, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at the Clallam County courthouse, to share their thoughts and concerns about the proposed draft Shoreline Management Plan (draft SMP)  under consideration for Clallam County.  Many more citizens and groups have sent in comments by email or mail.

The meeting began with County Planner Steve Gray, reading a synopsis of what has taken place over the course of the past nine years for the plan.  He failed to mention the Seattle environmental firm, ESA Adolfson, who actually put the majority of the plan together for the county. Gray recapped the 9-year process, from the “visioning” aspect to the current draft.  He referred to using the “State guidelines,” which were revised in 2016.  He talked about the 200 foot buffers on each side which is from the high water mark (represented by the most outer vegetation line from the creek or river).  There are more than 50 pages of maps, he said, and over 200 pages of the draft plan.  Then he explained what each chapter covers.

The County Commissioners will review over 700 comments made regarding the shoreline plan, he stated, before making a decision as to how to move forward.  After Gray’s lengthy review, the meeting was opened to the public hearing. Continue reading

The New Elwha Bridge and Rest Stop? by Pearl Rains Hewett

Posted on
by Pearl Rains Hewett,

The New Elwha Bridge and Rest Stop?

Who knew? What Rest Stop?


Clallam County Code 31.06.060 Transportation policies

(a) Encourage the Washington State Department of Transportation to retain all of their properties adjoining Highway 101 for future use as rest stops, scenic pullouts, roadside parks and….


 We all know now,  So, Let’s plan on it!

The possibilities are endless

March 7, 2017  After looking at the 2017 plans for the new Elwha bridge, I immediately saw the possibilities and an opportunity for a Clallam County rest stop on the Norm’s Resort Property on High Way 101 next to the Elwha River.

Who’s Norm?  What’s he got to do with it?

In 1979  Norm’s  privately owned resort gave local citizens and tourists  FREE recreational access to 10 or more acres of private land on the bank of the Elwha River. It was great, FREE public access with a  long dirt trail for walking beside the river, free fishing,  and rental boats.

At some point in time the Norm’s Resort property of 10 or more acres was acquired by the  government and bull dozed flat.

With the replacement of the Elwha River bridge by WSDOT  at an estimated cost of  $18 to $25 million dollar, the opportunity and possibilities for Clallam County recreational use are endless.

Why stop with just a Clallam County rest stop on the Norm’s Resort Property? Why not add free public recreational access a walking trail and picnic area?

WSDOT will be tearing up the entire intersection of Highway 101 and Olympic Hot Springs Road. WSDOT will be required to do  and pay for restoration on the entire disturbed area.

Clallam County has a history of success with the rest stop area East of Port Angeles on Highway 101.

AND, Clallam County has a history of success, rated at four and a half stars.

Salt Creek Recreation Area – Clallam County



Five Generations of our Rains family have enjoyed the FREE Salt Creek beach.



 Why stop with a rest stop, walking trail and picnic area on the Elwha River?

The possibilities and opportunity for Clallam County on nearly 50 acres previously developed recreational land are endless.

According to the Clallam County Planning Dept map, there are nearly fifty acres (50)  of previously owned developed, public recreational land located in Clallam County. It is now owned by U.S.A. It includes the Norm’s Resort property on the East side of the Elwha River and a much larger piece of land on the West side, a Public boat launch owned by WA State,  that had locked out citizens  because of the removal of the Elwha River Dams.

At some point in time, “THEY” combined the nearly  fifty acres of  public recreational land into one parcel  number in Clallam County WA.

At some point in time  it ended up being owned by the U.S.A.  in GOVERNMENT LIMBO LAND, with four options.


The ONP has a track record  of failure, massive wash out Nov 17, 2015, Olympic Hot Springs Road emergency repairs? $4 million and they can’t even keep the road open for the gateway to the Olympics public trail access or their public view point. The National Park Service (NPS) has a $12,000,000,000.00 billion dollar backlog in maintenance.



What would they do with  it?

WA State can’t even figure out how to fund basic education.



The Tribes already have their fair share of tribal access on the Elwha River.




I am formally submitting this option four (4) request  to our Clallam county elected officials Commissioners, Bill Peach, Randy Johnson and Mark Mozias, and DCD Mary Ellen Winborn. for their review and consideration including the Road Dept. Ross Tyler P.E. and the Parks Dept.

Clallam County has a very long history of success providing  “USER FRIENDLY” public access for local and tourist recreational facilities.

It is submitted, based on its merit for public access and recreational opportunity  for local citizens  and Clallam Counties economic tourism value. The estimated number of tourist visiting Clallam County every year is 300,000.

I am also sending this email to WSDOT to start the formal dialogue for coordination between Clallam County and the State of WA, in the best interest of U.S.A. everyone.


And, perhaps as a reminder to WSDOT on Rest Stops and Roadside Parks.

Clallam County Code

(a) Encourage the Washington State Department of Transportation to retain all of their properties adjoining Highway 101 for future use as rest stops, scenic …

31.06.060 Transportation policies.

(1) Highway 101. Preserve and enhance the Highway 101 corridor for regional mobility to improve its functionality for business, area residents, tourists,nonmotorized transportation, freight and services.

(a) Encourage the Washington State Department of Transportation to retain all of their properties adjoining Highway 101 for future use as rest stops, scenic pullouts, roadside parks and future transit pullouts.

(b) Work with the Washington State Department of Transportation and other agencies to ensure that Highway 101 meets the goal that the corridor function regionally for the mobility of goods, services and passengers…… —————————————————————————–

WSDOT is  in the planning stage for the new Elwha bridge replacement and what specific restoration could be provided free of charge, by the state, for a Clallam County Rest Stop, public access, a Roadside Park and other public recreational uses. 


Salt Creek Recreation Area – Clallam County –

Salt Creek Recreation Area is a Clallam County Park but is as good as any … the 518-acre Camp Hayden military reservation at Tongue Point was part of the …




Indeed, the possibilities and opportunity for Clallam County to develop public tourist recreation facilities on nearly 50 acres of Elwha riverfront property are endless.

The estimated number of tourist visiting Clallam County each year is 300,000.

I know many of you will be thinking about this


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Lane County prepares to join lawsuit against BLM

EUGENE, Ore. – This week, the Lane County Board of Commissioners voted to allocate $84,000 to join a potential multi-county lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management.

For the past several years, the BLM has been working on a new Resource Management Plan for the O & C timberlands and Commissioner Faye Stewart says the BLM is currently looking at a plan that would violate the O & C Act of 1937.

“There’s a minimum harvest level of 500 million board feet required by law,” Stewart said.

Stewart says the required harvest levels aren’t being met, and counties are missing out on timber dollars needed to provide county services.

“We believe that it’s important for us as counties to stand up and make sure that the law on the books is met by the agency,” Stewart said, “And for Lane County, it’s important because those are resource dollars that come to the county to pay for critical resources we provide.”

If the BLM doesn’t make changes to the plan, the Association of O & C Counties is preparing to take action. They’ve chosen a Portland law firm to represent them in the suit. The $84,000 would cover Lane County’s portion of the legal fees.

Faye says harvests are dwindling, in large part because of the Endangered Species Act, but he says it’s possible to boost harvests and protect endangered species.

“Our experts believe that they can do both, and they can do it at a level that would meet the law,” Stewart said. “It’s just unfortunately, we haven’t been able to see them recognize our comments, and recognize that it can be done.”

The lawsuit isn’t a sure thing. Stewart says the BLM could still make changes to the plan to satisfy the requirements of the O & C Act.

That will be followed by a public comment period, and a final decision is expected by July.

Commentary on WA State Bathroom Rule by Rains-Hewitt

WA State Bathroom Rule

WA State Bathroom Rule
Chapter 162-32-010 WAC TOOK EFFECT DEC. 26, 2015


The final rule removed any discretion for school officials and mandates that all schools must allow boys into the girl’s locker room if they claim to be a girl. Continue reading

In defense of the Oregon protesters on the floor of the House

Posted on

On Tuesday, Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon, whose district encompasses the county where the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is located, took to the floor of the House this week to give the back story that led to the occupation and protest that is currently underway. Continue reading

Blueribbon Coalition supports balance management of public lands

News Release from
BlueRibbon Coalition

November 23, 2015

POCATELLO, ID (November 23, 2015) – Early last week, the BlueRibbon Coalition/ joined with other recreation groups in a letter sent to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in support of a balanced approach to managing public lands as part of the Moab Master Leasing Plan. Continue reading

Snowmobile Club leads lawsuit against Northern Region Forest Plans

News Release by Paul Turcke
for BlueRibbon Coalition

November 23, 2015


Ten Lakse Snowmobile ClubMISSOULA, MT (November 23, 2015) –Various organizations, led by the Ten Lakes Snowmobile Club, have filed a lawsuit challenging U.S. Forest Service planning efforts on the Kootenai and Idaho Panhandle National Forests.  The complaint, filed on November 12, 2015, in federal court for the U.S. District of Montana, claims that the 2015 Revised Forest Plans violated various federal laws, including the National Forest Management Act, the Wilderness Act, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Administrative Procedure Act. Continue reading

Landowners express anger over water rights issue that blocks their ability to build

By Shannen Kuest
Skagit Valley Herald

The meeting was called by the Skagit chapter of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights.

About 120 people filled the American Legion Hall on Tuesday night to discuss the water and property rights issues facing Skagit County. Among them were property owners and Alliance members, who took the state’s 2001 instream flow rule to task.

When some at the meeting suggested building on their properties without county permission, one audience member shouted, “To hell with the county!”

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PLF sues the Corps and EPA over expansive water rule

July 15, 2015

SACRAMENTO, CA;  July 15, 2015:  On behalf of a number of landowners and major organizations representing landowners, including the state cattlemen’s associations of California, Washington, and New Mexico, Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) sued the Obama Administration today over its vast new expansion of Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction — an expansion that could bring virtually all the nation’s water and much of the land under direct federal regulatory control.

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Sequim/Dungeness community listens to drought concerns

by Lois Krafsky-Perry
for Citizen Review
Posted Saturday, May 23, 2015

Water Drought Forum, Sequim WA, May 2015Sequim, WA – The Water Drought Forum was held in the Guy Cole Center at Carrie Blake Park Thursday, May 21, 2015 to a crowd of approximately 250 people, there to ask questions about their concerns. Instead, according to several people who attended, they were treated to a “dog-and-pony show” for the first two hours of the evening.

Scott Chitwood, Dungeness River Management (DRMT) Chairman, opened the meeting and announced, Here’s “what we may expect…may happen this summer.” Chitwood was former Natural Resource Director for Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe. He complimented Shawn Hines, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe representative, for her work on water interests.

To see photos of the slideshow presentations, click here. Continue reading

Virginia enacts law to protect landowners from predatory land trusts

March 11, 2015

by Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

In a stinging repudiation of the conduct of a Virginia environmental group once viewed as politically invincible, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) March 10 signed into law bipartisan legislation that — for the first time — provides rural landowners the means with which to defend themselves against bullying by land trusts.

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6.5M people with active Social Security numbers are 112 or older: IG Agency urged to update its files

Posted 3/17/2015

By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times

Roughly 6.5 million people with active Social Security numbers are age 112 and older, according to an audit by the Social Security Administration’s inspector general.

The March 4 audit concluded that the administration “did not have controls in place to annotate death information” on the the main electronic file, called Numident, for Social Security numberholders who exceeded maximum reasonable life expectancies and were likely deceased.

“We obtained Numident data that identified approximately 6.5 million numberholders born before June 16, 1901 who did not have a date of death on their record,” the report states. Continue reading

2015 legislative session convenes on Monday, January 12th

News Release from Washington

Posted 1/9/2015

Court-mandated basic education funding will occupy center stage when the 64th Legislature convenes at noon Monday for what many observers see as one of the most important sessions in memory.

Top priorities include a voter-approved class size reduction measure and a comprehensive transportation package. Above all, a new two-year budget will dominate the 105-day regular session, with possibly special sessions to follow. Continue reading

Freedom Foundation “Freedom Tour” updates citizens in Sequim

by Sue Forde for Citizen Review Online

Jan. 8, 2014 – Mark Dalan and Ron Valencia, both of the Freedom Foundation of Washington State (FFWA), presented updates and information to a group of approximately 25 Clallam County citizens at the Los Palomas Restaurant.

Dalan discussed the two Sequim initiatives which took place in 2013, receiving sufficient signatures to go on the ballot, but were held off by the courts after the City of Sequim pursued legal action to stop them from being voted upon by the people. The initiatives would have allowed public union members to choose whether or not to join a union; and would have given transparency for citizens (whose taxes support the government workers) to observe the union negotiations taking place. There were three other cities last year in the State which attempted to place similar initiatives on the ballot, of which only one is moving forward – the city of Chelan. The others were also stopped by judges. Dalan said they are working to try and achieve change on behalf of the citizens through county commissions and city councils this year. Continue reading

Unconstitutionality Index: Feds Issued 27 Regs for Every New Law, 3,541 in 2014

Washington Examiner
Clyde Wayne Crews

January 5, 2015

Wayne Crews discusses the year in regulation with  Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard:

In a brand new calculation done by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the president’s team issued 3,541 rules and regulations in 2014 when Congress OK’d 129 laws he also signed.

That, according to the president’s critics, means that Obama and his crew have usurped Congress when it comes to writing laws. Continue reading

Expedited planning for Shoreline Management Plan needs to slow down

by Pearl Rains-Hewett

Posted 11/17/2014

Objection to Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) expedited schedule

This is my Public comment and objection

To the  Nov. 2014 Clallam County SMP Updated Draft

Directed to Deputy Director Steve Gray and the Planning Commission

New DCD director, Mary Ellen Winborn

Pearl Rains Hewett


With all due respect, Clallam County elected officials  and we the vested  private property owners of Clallam County   MUST INSIST ON A REVISED TIME LINE  FOR DUE DILIGENCE RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS before moving forward on the  Clallam County SMP Updated Draft.


The expedited SMP Draft schedule proposed by Steve Gray on the SMP Update is ill advised.

Indeed, Our newly elected Clallam County DCD director, Mary Ellen Winborn shall need time for due diligence research and analysis.

Currently the Planning Commission is struggling with  sufficient time for due diligence research and analysis

Public Participation? Informing the concerned Public?  Sufficient time for Public Comment? On the revised, rewritten content?



Fee increase proposal moves ahead for ONP


November 3rd, 2014 – 5:26am

(Port Angeles) – Olympic National Park is joining other national parks in proposing increases in entrance and other fees.

In August, the National Park Service released an updated entrance fee rate schedule for all NPS units that charge entrance fees. The entrance fee at Olympic National Park is proposed to increase to $25 for a seven-day vehicle pass.

Additionally, ONP is proposing raising campground fees to between $15 and $25 dollars and adding three dollars to the wilderness pass.

ONP officials say fee revenue at Olympic are used to improve visitor facilities and services, from trail and wilderness bridge repair to new visitor center exhibits to operating the park’s wilderness information program.

Most fees at the park have remained the same since 2006.

The Government Is Controlling Private Property to Save Frog Species Not Seen in 50 Years

By Scott Blakeman
For the Daily Signal

Posted 9/7/2014

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is seeking to protect the dusky gopher frog on the Endangered Species List by designating over 1,500 acres of private property in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana as a “critical habitat” for the embattled amphibian.

But here’s the kicker: The frog hasn’t been seen on the land in question for over 50 years. Continue reading

WA State Laws on Huckleberries?

Posted on August 28, 2014 9:51 am by Pearl Rains Hewett Comment

WA State Laws On Huckleberries?

Unbelievable, WA STATE DNR has the nerve to pass laws and stick it’s greedy fingers into

your “HUCKLEBERRY PIE PICKIN” enterprise.

When we were kids, 1950-1960 our family used to go out and PICK WILD BLACKBERRIES to earn money.

WOW, I’d work for a half of day, crawling over logs, sweating, scratched up, bee stung and sunburned … to get one gallon of berries.  

We’d go home, get cleaned up and deliver the FRUITS OF OUR LABOR  to a Local Restaurants that wanted to make Wild Blackberry Pie.


BUT,  It was a really hard way for a  kid to earn $1.50 for school clothes.


Chapter 76.48.060 RCW Dispositions



[2009 c 245 § 23; 2008 c 191 § 1.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.221 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.


WA State DNR SHALL, by hook or by crook, by law, by permit, by cost, by reporting, display of valid registration certificate required, by TAXING,  by restriction, by rule, by road closure, by destroying roads, by the EPA clean water act, by the ESA endangered Species Act, by endangered habitat areas,  by critical areas,  by RV’S use, And, by LOCKED GATES…..


Right down to $$$ permits, rules, reports and  restrictive regulations FOR SOMETHING AS SMALL AS A WILD HUCKLEBERRY!

And, as usual? They are using? WHAT?



[2009 c 245 § 2; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 2.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.011 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.




[2009 c 245 § 23; 2008 c 191 § 1.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.221 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.


[2009 c 245 § 12; 2008 c 191 § 4; 2005 c 401 § 6; 2000 c 11 § 19; 1995 c 366 § 14.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.111 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.


[2009 c 245 § 13; 2005 c 401 § 9; 1995 c 366 § 9; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 11; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 13.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.121 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.


[2009 c 245 § 2; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 2.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.011 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.



Chapter 76.48.060 RCW Dispositions



76.48.010  Declaration of public interest.

[2009 c 245 § 2; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 2.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.011 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.020  Definitions.

[2009 c 245 § 3; 2008 c 191 § 9; 2007 c 392 § 3; 2005 c 401 § 1; 2000 c 11 § 18; 1995 c 366 § 1; 1992 c 184 § 1; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 1; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 1; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 3.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.021 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.030  Unlawful acts.

[2009 c 245 § 14; 2007 c 392 § 4; 1995 c 366 § 2; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 2; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 2; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 4.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.131 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.040  Agencies responsible for enforcement of chapter.

[2009 c 245 § 19; 1995 c 366 § 3; 1994 c 264 § 51; 1988 c 36 § 49; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 3; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 3; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 5.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.181 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.050  Specialized forest products permits — Expiration — Specifications.

[2009 c 245 § 9; 2008 c 191 § 2; 2005 c 401 § 2; 1995 c 366 § 4; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 4; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 4; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 6.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.081 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.060  Specialized forest products permits — Required — Forms — Filing.

[2009 c 245 § 4; 2008 c 191 § 3; 2005 c 401 § 3; 1995 c 366 § 5; 1992 c 184 § 2; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 5; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 5; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 7.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.031 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.062  Validation of specialized forest product permits — Authorized agents.

[2009 c 245 § 10; 1995 c 366 § 15.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.091 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.070  Transporting or possessing cedar or other specialized forest products — Requirements.

[2005 c 401 § 4; 1995 c 366 § 6; 1992 c 184 § 3; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 6; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 6; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 8.]
Repealed by 2009 c 245 § 30.

76.48.075  Specialized forest products from out-of-state.

[2005 c 401 § 5; 1995 c 366 § 7; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 15.]
Repealed by 2009 c 245 § 30.

76.48.080  Contents of authorization, sales invoice, or bill of lading.

[2009 c 245 § 5; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 7; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 9.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.041 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.085  Purchase of specialized forest products or huckleberries — Required records.

[2009 c 245 § 12; 2008 c 191 § 4; 2005 c 401 § 6; 2000 c 11 § 19; 1995 c 366 § 14.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.111 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.086  Records of buyers available for research.

[2008 c 191 § 5; 1995 c 366 § 16.]
Repealed by 2009 c 245 § 30.

76.48.090  When harvesting permit may be used in lieu of sales invoice or bill of lading.

[1967 ex.s. c 47 § 10.]
Repealed by 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 16.

76.48.092  Surrender of copy of specialized forest products permit to permittee following stipulated use — Penalty.

[1979 ex.s. c 94 § 8; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 14.]
Repealed by 1995 c 366 § 18.

76.48.094  Cedar or specialty wood processors — Records of purchase, possession, or retention of cedar products, salvage, or specialty wood — Bill of lading.

[2009 c 245 § 11; 2005 c 401 § 7; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 9; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 11.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.101 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.096  Obtaining products from suppliers not having specialized forest products permit unlawful.

[2005 c 401 § 8; 1995 c 366 § 8; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 10; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 12.]
Repealed by 2009 c 245 § 30.

76.48.098  Display of valid registration certificate required.

[2009 c 245 § 13; 2005 c 401 § 9; 1995 c 366 § 9; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 11; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 13.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.121 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.100  Exemptions.

[2009 c 245 § 22; 2005 c 401 § 10; 1995 c 366 § 10; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 12; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 7; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 11.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.211 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.110  Violations — Seizure and disposition of products and other items — Disposition of proceeds.

[2009 c 245 § 21; 2008 c 191 § 6; 2005 c 401 § 11; 1995 c 366 § 11; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 13; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 8; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 12.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.201 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.120  False, fraudulent, forged, or stolen specialized forest products permit, sales invoice, bill of lading, etc. — Penalty.

[2009 c 245 § 15; 2008 c 191 § 7; 2003 c 53 § 373; 1995 c 366 § 12; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 14; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 9; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 13.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.141 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.130  Penalties — Affirmative defense.

[2009 c 245 § 16; 2007 c 392 § 1; 1995 c 366 § 13; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 10; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 14.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.151 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.140  Disposition of fines.

[2009 c 245 § 18; 2005 c 401 § 12; 1977 ex.s. c 147 § 15.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.171 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.150  Department to develop specialized forest products permit/education material.

[2009 c 245 § 24; 2005 c 401 § 13.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.231 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.200  Assistance and training for minority groups.

[2009 c 245 § 25; 2008 c 191 § 8; 1995 c 366 § 17.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.241 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.210  Sale of raw or unprocessed huckleberries — Requirements.

[2009 c 245 § 23; 2008 c 191 § 1.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.221 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.900  Severability — 1967 ex.s. c 47.

[1967 ex.s. c 47 § 15.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.905 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.901  Severability — 1977 ex.s. c 147.

[1977 ex.s. c 147 § 16.]
Decodified pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 31.

76.48.902  Severability — 1979 ex.s. c 94.

[2009 c 245 § 27; 1979 ex.s. c 94 § 17.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.906 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

76.48.910  Saving — 1967 ex.s. c 47.

[2009 c 245 § 28; 1967 ex.s. c 47 § 16.]
Recodified as RCW 76.48.907 pursuant to 2009 c 245 § 29.

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Tharinger, Greisamer debate at Sequim forum

Posted 8/18/2014

Tharinger, Greisamer debateCandidates for State Legislator debated at a forum held Sunday, August 17 at the Sequim Senior Center sponsored by the League of Women Voters (LWV).

There were approximately 50 people present to listen to Home Rule Charter District 1 candidates introduce themselves, and hear Dr. Tom Greisamer and incumbent Steve Tharinger debate the issues.

In a nutshell, Tharinger favors more taxes to cover an ever-rising budget at the state level, while Greisamer believes there is enough money already, and commonsense adjustments need to be made, especially in the bureaucracies. Continue reading

Can a Well-Endowed “Endangered” Gopher Really Drive a Tractor?

Freedom Foundation

Posted 8/13/2014

This is Part 2 of a series about a new ESA micro-listing, and its impact on a rural community. Read Part 1 here

In Washington state’s Thurston County, bureaucrats won Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection for a tiny cluster of pocket gophers because of their alleged super-sized penises. However, nobody but local officials appear to have seen this feature.  They have offered no proof of this endowment, nor does the ESA require such proof.

The federal government spent fifty years unsuccessfully trying to kill off the pocket gopher.  They breed uncontrollably under any conditions, and are the most destructive mammal to structures, pipes, underground cables, trees, crops, and the environment.  They breed prolifically on the Fort Lewis artillery impact range, and were one of the few species to survive the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. Continue reading

Gopher’s ‘endangered’ status irks property rights leaders

by Jeff Rhodes | The Olympian

Posted 6/2/2014

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finalized Endangered Species Act protection on Wednesday for four subspecies of Mazama pocket gophers and designated 1,607 acres of protected critical habitat in Washington’s Thurston County, including at the Olympia Airport.

The decision was part of a landmark settlement with the Center for Biological Diversity requiring the agency to speed protection decisions for 757 species across the country. Continue reading

BLM sells $18 million worth of land in Southern Nevada

The Bureau of Land Management sold more than $18 million in public land in Southern Nevada on Thursday.

The money earned from Nevada’s public land sales will go towards purposes such as parks, trails and the purchase of environmentally sensitive land.

The BLM said 10 percent of the money will go to the Southern Nevada Water Authority and 5 percent — more than $900,000 — will go to the Nevada State General Education Fund.

The eight parcels sold — totaling 87.5 acres — varied in size, and most were in the southwest outskirts of the Las Vegas Valley.

Multiple 2.5-acre sites were sold for about $200,000. The largest lot, 25 acres on the southwest corner of Frias Avenue and Bronco Street, sold for $7.25 million. A 22.5-acre space south of Haleh Avenue between Jones Boulevard and Lindell Road sold for more than $5 million.

The BLM offered 12 parcels totalling 120 acres under the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act. Four lots were not sold and will be made available again.

Winning bidders paid the required 20 percent of the bid by 3 p.m. today. They have six months to pay the rest.

Grazing limits feed tension in Nevada

Ranchers Decry Federal Clampdown on Land for Cows, Echoing Other Dust-Ups

By JIM CARLTON | Wall Street Journal

BATTLE MOUNTAIN, Nev.—Rancher Pete Tomera slowed his pickup truck on a dusty mountain road one day last week and swept an arm toward tall green grass blowing in the wind: “Man, look at all the feed a cow could eat,” he said.

Since last summer, Mr. Tomera’s 1,800 cows have been banished from these mountains in northern Nevada, part of a clampdown by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management against grazing on federal lands during an extended drought. An additional 500 head of cattle owned by two other ranching families have been ordered off a roughly 350,000-acre grazing allotment managed by the BLM in the Shoshone Range about 10 miles to the south of this town. The animals have been put out to private pastures or fed hay at far greater cost than on the public land. Continue reading

Justice to look at federal agency guns

Posted 6/2/2014

By Tim Devaney | The Hill

The Justice Department is updating a report on how armed the federal government is.

It will be the first time Justice has addressed the topic in six years, and it comes as conservative and libertarian complaints about an excessively gun-happy government have intensified. Continue reading

BLM secret memo outlines plan to lock up an area as big as Colorado and Wyoming combined

By Thomas Mitchell | 4th St. 8

Posted 5/21/2014

President Obama today was to announce the creation of a national monument in southern New Mexico — the 500,000-acre Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.

It looks suspiciously like an opening round in a bid to carry out a plan — first outlined in a secret Bureau of Land Management in 2010 — that would lock up abut half of the BLM’s 264 million acres, about the size of Colorado and Wyoming combined, and halt most productive private use, such as ranching and mining and oil and gas exploration.

The Washington Times reported that about half of the land involved in today’s announcement is to be set aside as wilderness, meaning it would be closed to vehicles and construction and mining. Local ranchers say it’s a land grab that will interfere with their grazing rights.

The Congressional Western Caucus released the 2010 memo — which is headed “Internal Draft – NOT FOR RELEASE” and labeled “Treasured Landscapes” — Tuesday. It lists more than two dozen specific areas from which the agency seeks to lock out most human activity. Three of those are in Nevada. Continue reading

BLM carries out the order of one federal judge, while ignoring the order of another

by Thomas Mitchell, 4th St. 8

Posted April 17, 2014

A number of people have noted that the BLM was just carrying out a federal judge’s order when it bungled its attempt to roundup rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle from federal public land in the Gold Butte area.

Federal Judge Lloyd George authorized the BLM to confiscate Bundy’s cattle and the agency dutifully attempted to do so. Continue reading

Reid, China, Solar Power and Bundy’s Ranch – The Connection

Exclusive as reposted from World Net Daily
Exclusive: Joseph Farah exposes China deal possibly driving fed action against rancher

He exposed the utter ruthlessness, brutishness and Gestapo tactics of the federal government in dealing with honest, hard-working Americans who live off the land – our land.

Claiming Bundy’s cattle ranching operation was endangering desert tortoises, the Bureau of Land Management treated him like he was Ted Bundy. I take that back. The serial rapist, mass murderer and necrophile got due process. Continue reading

Proposed federal rule would hurt beer brewers, ranchers

By Katie Fiegenbaum

Posted 4/11/2014

For centuries, breweries have donated or sold their spent grain, a high-protein oatmeal-looking byproduct of the brewing process, for use as livestock feed.

On a ranch east of Durango, Justin Werts, with El Dorado Cattle Co., feeds his longhorn cattle with spent barley from Durango Brewing Co. A relationship allowing microbrewers to easily rid themselves of spent barley and ranchers to obtain a delicious and nutritious meal for their cattle may soon be strangled by regulations proposed by the Food and Drug Administration that would make the practice cost-prohibitive. Continue reading

City dismisses eminent domain case against irrigation district

by Sean Ellis for Capital Press
Pioneer Irrigation District and the city of Caldwell are closer to ending their long-running dispute over stormwater discharges and other issues after Caldwell dismissed its eminent domain case against Pioneer March 19.


BOISE, Idaho — The city of Caldwell has dismissed its eminent domain case against Pioneer Irrigation District.

Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas and Pioneer board chairman Alan Newbill signed an agreement to dismiss the case March 19. Continue reading

Bill passed helps ‘environmental protection’ turn into a lucrative business

Posted 3/18/2014
In the dark of night, while most folks were sleeping – oblivious – a piece of legislation that only had its “first reading” in Olympia twelve days ago passed by a vote of 93-5. This little slip of a bill, a mere three pages, will kick the principles of justice and liberty as we know them closer to the proverbial cliff.

      That sounds mighty dramatic, maybe over the top.  What’s this bill about?

Waal…  HB 2454 is a bill that paves the way for “water quality trading” in Washington State. Painted as accommodating and innovative, and dressed-up as so many bills are nowadays in predictable, wolf in sheep’s clothing buzzwords like “voluntary” and “market-based,” the legislature is setting up tables in the temple of environmental justice for the sale of Get Out Of Jail Free cards.  Instead of nabbing those who pollute, and correcting real problems appropriately, this bill says:
Continue reading

EPA Wants to Snuff out Wood and Pellet Stoves

Posted 3/18/2014

It took more than six weeks before the new EPA rules on wood and pellet stoves percolated into the media, which then generated pushback ranging from anger to outrage.

The new rules impose a maximum of fine airborne particulate emissions from 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air down to 12. As Larry Bell, writing at Forbes, put it:

To put this amount in context … secondhand tobacco smoke in a closed-car can expose a person to 3,000-4,000 micrograms of particulates per cubic meter. Continue reading

The “rain man”, er, government, cometh

Commentary by Pearl Rains-Hewitt

Posted 3/17/2014

Don’t you just love a guy with a sense of humor, attitude and documentation

His bottom line

Sorry, the environment comes first.

In life, only three things are certain — death, taxes and RAIN.


Let’s examine a preview? of WA STATES future stormwater runoff tax


Consider all the ways we’re taxed. When we’re born (birth certificate), when we die (death certificate), when we make money (income tax), when we spend money (sales tax), when we own property (property tax), when we sell property (capital gains tax), when we go to a concert or ball game (amusement tax), when we own a vehicle (license, registration, tolls, gas tax) and special taxes on cell phones, tobacco, alcohol, energy, etc. Then, when we die, they tax our income all over again (death tax). Heck, they even tax our bowel movements (flush tax). Continue reading

Farmers win land-use fight; ‘food freedom’ next

by Kenric Ward
for BizPac Review and

Posted 3/17/2014

LOCUST GROVE, Va. — Martha Boneta, a big-spirited small farmer, calls newly enacted land-use legislation a “landmark event” that will boost agricultural entrepreneurs in Virginia.

“No Virginian should be forced to lose everything when they fight city hall,” said Boneta, who is locked in a costly legal battle with Fauquier County officials over use of her farmland.

State lawmakers sided with Boneta this year, giving farmers protection from overreaching bureaucrats. Continue reading

“Email Privacy Act” bill would require IRS, other govt. agencies to obtain warrant

Posted 3/13/2014

News Release

Jaime Herrera Beutler Backs Bill to Broaden Protection for Citizens’ Online Communication against Government Surveillance

“Email Privacy Act” requires IRS, other government agencies to obtain warrant to view citizen’s emails

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler announced today that she has cosponsored legislation that would extend protections relating to citizen’s private e-mail and online communication.  H.R. 1852, the Email Privacy Act, would extend the same privacy protections to electronic communications that exist for hard mail and other personal, paper documents.  Under this bipartisan bill, a government agency would not be able to access a U.S. citizen’s emails without a court-ordered search warrant. Continue reading

Improving the Endangered Species Act for the 21st century

Opinion by Reps. Doc Hastings and Cynthia Lummis
for Daily Caller

Posted 3/13/2014

Over forty years ago, Congress passed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) with the noblest of intentions – conserve and recover wildlife facing preventable extinction. This is a moral obligation on which we can all agree. But with a species recovery rate of only two percent, the ESA has proven to be ineffective at protecting truly imperiled species and has unnecessarily hurt people’s livelihoods in the process. We can protect endangered species without unduly burdening the American people, but to do so we need a stronger, more effective ESA. Continue reading

Big issues, including transportation, pending as 2014 session winds down to adjournment

Posted 3/11/2014

State Senate lawmakers put in some overtime on Saturday to clear their concurrence calendar—actions on bills that were passed with changes by the opposite chamber. They also passed SB 5887 to merge the state’s medical marijuana system with the use of recreational marijuana as approved by voters in Initiative 502. The bill would reduce the amount of marijuana and the number of plants patients can possess, does away with collective gardens and establishes a patient registry. Passing by a vote of 34-15, the measure garnered the supermajority support required to amend an initiative and now goes to the House, which passed a similar bill last month.

The medical marijuana bill is just one of the measures that needs to be settled between the House and the Senate before lawmakers go home on Thursday, March 13th. Continue reading

Wahkiakum County takes feds to task for failures in protecting rare deer

Despite some public objections, federal biologists have begun moving Columbian white-tailed deer from Puget Island to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in another step to create a viable population in north Clark County.

Eight deer were moved in February, and biologists hope to move another 20 or so to Ridgefield in 2014, said Paul Meyers, wildlife biologist for the Julia Butler Hansen Refuge for Columbian White-tailed Deer west of Cathlamet. Continue reading

Washington’s Fish and Wildlife riles Asotin County with land buys

Kerri Sandaine
Lewiston Tribune

 Posted 3/9/2014

ASOTIN, Wash. – The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has gobbled up more than 10 percent of the 410,240 acres in Asotin County and that’s ruffled some feathers.

A group of Asotin County residents say purchases by the state agency are having an adverse effect on every other property owner in the county, whether they live in the country or city.

When that land goes off the tax rolls, everyone else winds up absorbing the added tax burden, said Brad Forgey, of Asotin. He and other members of the agricultural community are hoping changes are made at the state level to address the problem. Continue reading

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