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Book Review: Eco-Fascists How Radical Conservationists are Destroying our Natural Heritage

How Radical Conservationists are Destroying our Natural Heritage

By Elizabeth Nickson

Book Review by American Stewards of Liberty

This book is a game changer. Written by an investigative reporter with international credentials, Eco-Fascists takes a hard look at the environmental agenda and carefully reveals that the very land it was suppose to save, it is destroying.

Elizabeth Nickson thought she was one of “them” until she tried to subdivide her 28 acres on Salt Springs Island in order to build a second home. Opposed by environmental activists, she had to maneuver a series of 58 hurdles, which included permits, surveys, reports, development rights and committee approvals that forced her to give most of her land away to “conservation.” During all this she was at the mercy of an unelected green trust that had systematically put into place the path for failure.

This system was designed to keep her from using her land and she wanted to know why. Nickson put her well-trained investigative skills into motion as she set out to determine the truth behind the green agenda.

What she found is shocking. Tackling all the hard topics such as Sustainability, Climate Change, Ecosystem Management, Agenda 21 and others, Nickson unravels them with credible facts and intelligent insight. She traveled across rural America and sat in the homes of the people driven from their land to learn how locking up our resources is working. What she found is that North America is well on its way to complete ruin. Conservationists are destroying the very lands they told the public they were going to protect.

Brilliantly written, she peels back all the layers piece by piece, taking the reader on a journey, her journey, as well as those of others. You can’t escape the truth of what she reports. You won’t forget the people you meet inside the pages as she brings their fight to life giving landowners their strongest voice.

For those who believe the green agenda is all about saving the Earth, be prepared to question everything, and I mean everything. For those who have fought the agenda, be prepared to be revived. The mask is torn off and left in shreds by a women whose artistry is matched only by her courage.

(This book has just been released today. We had the opportunity to read an advance copy which is why we wanted to get this note out to you immediately. We highly recommend you order a copy via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ibooks, or any other distributor of your preference, today.)

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