August 2003

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
-- Ronald Reagan



Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare,
but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson


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July 2003

Rural Cleansing

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Thoughts for the day:

It is irresponsible for [The Department of the Interior] to keep buying more land. We already own one out of every five acres in the country. Before the government buys more land, it must learn to take care of what it already controls.

-Secretary Gale A. Norton, U.S. Department of the Interior


"After working with this law (the Endangered Species Act) during my 22 years in Congress, I've concluded it's the most powerful law in the land. It can be used to thwart everything from the training of our fighter pilots to the farmer's simple desire to plant a crop in his field so he can feed his family."

House Resources Committee Chairman James V. Hansen discussing a bill to restore the original intent of the ESA [Endangered Species Act]


"There is a deliberate and quite outspoken attack on the whole idea of people owning private property. Mr. William Reiley, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has said publicly on a number of occasions that he does not believe that people should have the right to own private property. To use his words, "The ownership of private property is a quaint anachronism." He has called for a repeal of the fifth amendment as it affects the right of private property. There are two laws that have been passed by the Congress that are being used to take property away from people. one is the Endangered Species Act, and the other one happens to be the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act has a section, 404, which allows the Corps of Engineers to regulate the water that is navigable. By a series of very twisted definitions, the Corps has adopted the idea, which the Fish and Wildlife and EPA are also following, that any body of water, or any moist land, anything that they can call "wetland" constitutes navigable water." -Dixie Lee Ray, scientist, recipient of the United Nations Peace Prize - 1992

"According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, simply limiting 'unreasonable' jury awards could cut health care costs by five to nine percent, saving $70 - $126 billion each year and allowing an additional 2.4 - 4.3 million Americans to obtain medical insurance." - May 6, 2003 press release of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, as cited by


August 23, 2003

Bush: Economic policies will help the Northwest

Landowner lobbying group takes aim at Coastal Commission -Monetery Herald online

August 22, 2003

California Department of Motor Vehicles Rescinds Duals Sport Conversion Ban Through January 2004 - Blue Ribbon Coalition, Inc

National Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area: Federal Designation for 250 Miles of Private Lands Proposed in Utah - First in A Series, By Toni Thayer

Study Finds Population Growth Key Reason for Sprawl

Getting ready to tax the Internet...again?

Chief Justice Says He Won't Back Down on Commandments Issue

Bush: salmon and dams can coexist - By Associated Press and

Christian Churches Should Stop Using the Cross, Group Says - By Jeff Johnso

August 21, 2003

Bush to visit dam, talk salmon - Nicholas K. Geranios - Associated Press

Setback for DUI cases - Ruling excludes breath-test evidence - by John Stark Bellingham Herald

Economy snapshot not pretty - by Bert Caldwell, The Spokesman Review

The fight to keep a Ten Commandments monument in the state judicial building. - by Bob Johnson AP

Court Hands Control of Water to USFS - Liberty Matters

August 20, 2003

The Pacific Northwest Hits Jackpot Of Salmon - by Blaire Harden Washington Post Stafff Writer

Study Finds Population Growth Key Reason for Sprawl

August 19, 2003

West Coast Communities Face Economic Devestation - by Rodney Stubbs Newswithviews

Husband bars priest from brain-damaged wife
- by Sarah Foster


August 18, 2003

Communities' comprehensive plans become target for constitutional amendment By JEREMY COX

Lummi Island land trust starts building 1st home by Jack Kinter

State rolls toward rail purchase Businesses in two states hope their lifeline will stay on tracks - Richard Roesler

Equine virus on rise in Southeast - by Daniel Yee

County worries owner may cut trees - By Bruce Ritchie

Rail-to-trail plan proposed - By KATHIE DURBIN, Columbian staff writer

San Juan County planning director fired - Department to consolidate - By Scott Rasmussen, San Juan Journal

Reclaiming salmon habitat - by James Geluso

August 16, 2003

Loudoun Landowners Battle Building Curbs - Flurry of Lawsuits Viewed as Backlash -WA Post

N.J. conservation group to buy big Pinelands tract - The 9,400 acres will be sold for $12 million by one of the largest cranberry operations in the country - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Senator says of plentiful timber are over - Susan Drumheller - Staff writer

Yakima: Judge Approves Water Rights for Sunnyside Division - By DAVID LESTER YAKIMA HERALD-REPUBLIC

Anti-logging activist settles timber violation

Ten Commandments Rally in Alabama - Speech by Alan Keyes

August 15, 2003

Bellevue, WA: Local Home Loan Giant Folds - KIRO 7 News

Ecology's OK of Columbia dredging work is stayed - by ERIK ROBINSON, Columbian staff writer

A new system of governance...The Third Sector by Henry Lamb, for eco-logic Powerhouse

Rules Protecting Endangered Species Endanger Defense Readiness Instead -NCPPR

Washington Watch - Land trusts pushing forward by MikeHardiman for ecologic

War on drugs under fire -King 5 News

Why Are Medical Costs So High? Courtrooms Are a Culprit -NCPPR

Revolt Against Regionalism... - "Smart growth" starts to chafe in Wisconsin by Jesse Walker for eco-logic

Defense against the feds... - Otero County Takes The Lead - ecologic

Snohomish County: River grant edges by council --Brian Kelly, Herald

Judge favors pesticide-free zones on some West Coast salmon streams - by By Hal Bernton Seattle Times

Judge might require pesticide buffer zones near waterways by Anna King Herald staff writer

August 14, 2003

N.J. conservation group to buy big Pinelands tract By Frank Kummer
Inquirer Staff Writer

NCPA President Testifies on National Park Service Budget

Feds sued over rare species in California, Idaho, New Mexico

Nevada vying to recover share of water byBy Launce Rake

Citizens for a Sound Economy - by Max Pappas

Environmental Extremism vs. Healthy Forests - by Michael Catanzaro

New rules call for more open space - Proposed Kootenai subdivision laws would reward developers who `cluster' homes - by Erica Curless

August 13, 2003

You just can't trust 'em.. Betrayed in the Bootheel - by Judy Keeler for ecologic

Puget Sound Getting Cleaner One Day at a Time- By GARY CHITTIM / KING 5 News

Cities, businesses hit by computer worm - AP

Group Sues to Enforce Sound Science Law - by CEI staff

August 12, 2003

Howling Mad - Since wolves were reintroduced, some eastern Arizona ranchers claim the animals have destroyed their lives - Tucson Weekly

Is your school's curriculum UN-approved? - by Larry Pratt for News with Views

ESAinfo Report: Hydro-Power Plants Attacked by our own US Fed and State Agencies by Gary Wiggins

This Land is My Land: How United Nations Claims of World Heritage May Swipe America's Past -NCPPR

August 11, 2003

Bush picks Utah Gov. Leavitt to head EPA -King 5 News

Group Sues to Enforce Sound Science Law - Global Warming Alarmism to Face Trial -CEI

August 10, 2003

Cougars a problem - News Tribune

Smart Growth: America's Trojan Horse - News with Views

Judge rules Ohio utility violated Clean Air Act at power plants - Boston Globe

Jury acquits pilot, who questioned IRS, of tax-evasion counts-The Commercial Appeal

August 9, 2003

Tumwater revives plan for trail network, riles residents -The Olympian

Initiative up a creek after ruling by judge -Seattle Times

Saving salmon city-style: a double standard? by Joel Kretz

August 8, 2003

Land-Use Decision Overturned - Judge overrules hearings board; backs landowners and county - Yakima Herald-Republic

Blue jays, West Nile virus and silvery minnows - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

Bring Back DDT - by Dr. Henry I. Miller, Frontpage Magazine

Cantwell pushes White Salmon protection - The Columbian

Popular Crow Butte Park to reopen - Farmers volunteer to operate popular park after state lets lease lapse - Tri-City Herald

Monorail collecting less revenue than expected -King 5 News

August 6, 2003

Bike patrol gains lead in ride against crime on trail - Spokesman-Review

Look What Uncle Sam Bought For You - Liberty Matters News Service

EPA examines water quality reporting-Spokesman-Review

Kittitas County, WA: Commissioners Not Ready to Back Watershed Plan -Yakima Herald

Water Rights: Columbia Snake River Irrigators Assoc., Dept. of Ecology, develop new proposals-Tri-City Herald

WA State: Davis joins GOP race for senator - Chairman says candidate won't get support from party -The Olympian

Schwarzenegger announces Calif. governor bid -King 5 News

Canadian company says it won't study pollution effects on river-Seattle P-I

Santa Barbara Co. Residents Protest Salamander -LMNS

The American Dream Coalition Guide

Bumpy ride for seat-belt law -News Tribune

August 5, 2003

Commission wants to petition for delisting - Casper Star-Tribune

Decision due by October on study of wolverines - Idaho Statesman

Nethercutt will get a GOP challenger -News Tribune

Kempthorne has been asked about top EPA position - Governor says White House asked if he would consider post -Spokesman-Review

Wildfire funds run dry - Agency tells forests to look for extra cash - The Missoulian

$20 million fire tied to eco-terrorists - ‘If you build it — we will burn it,’ says message left at San Diego site - MSNBC

Park Service Unable to Detail Maintenance Needs -ENS

Thunder Basin plan under fire - Ranchers join oil and gas industry in opposing a new management plan -Billings Gazette

"PC" Environmentalism Doomed Columbia -Liberty Matters News Service

August 3, 2003

The Problem with the Endangered Species Act by Dr. Michael S. Coffman, PhD for News with Views

Fight-for-life bombshell: Woman 'trying to talk'! Husband of brain-damaged wife seeks starvation despite claims By Sarah Foster for WorldNetDaily

Petition drive launched for Terri Schiavo - Florida governor asked to intervene in case of brain-damaged woman By Sarah Foster for WorldNetDaily

Wildlife gets grazing land in park swap - Billings Gazette

Tribe asks EPA to treat it as a state - Coeur d'Alenes looking for greater role in decisions about quality of their water - Spokesman-Review

Boundary County unemployment climbs to nearly 13% - Spokesman-Review

Judge Boots 'Save The Creeks' Initiative Off Seattle Ballot - KIRO TV News

Hooray for Sprawl: New Study Debunks "Smart Growth"-Carolina Journal

Forest Service buys easement to discourage development - Casper Star-Tribune

August 2, 2003

Farmers cheer land decision - Win reprieve when commissioners' decision prevails over county planners, growth hearings board recommendations - The Columbian

Dams no longer Bureau of Reclamation priority -Billings Gazette

Environmentalists file new complaint in Friant Dam dispute - CBS News

Ashland, Wisconsin: $1 million OK'd for land acquisition - The Daily Press

Environmental groups happy with Farewell fire response
- King 5 News

B.C. fires force 7,500 from homes, 60 houses burn - King 5 News

Buffer site ruling has bay allies worried - Court says Wicomico failed to make case against lodge -Baltimore Sun

Transportation Costs and The American Dream

August 1, 2003

Has Wally Klump Failed The Law, Or Has The Law Failed Wally? 70-year-old rancher in prison for grazing cattle on government allotments By J. Zane Walley

Voting systems 'can't be trusted' - Machines at risk for fraud, hacking - Denver Post

Freedom 21 offers alternative to 'sustainable development', Agenda 21

White-Collar Exodus - High-Paying Jobs Are Moving Overseas, U.S. Workers Replaced by Foreigners - ABC News

Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone? One study shows 3 million jobs leaving this country in the next decade - CBS News

AZ: Citizens Against Illegal Immigration meeting Saturday Aug 2 - from Kathy McKee

Enviros pushing Referendum 54 to roll back water rights law - BIAW says 'decline to sign'

Nethercutt challenges Murray - Sheahan, Sterk consider House -Spokesman-Review


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