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August 2005


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If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in a sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny. - Thomas Jefferson

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August 31, 2005

MORRISON: Grassroots revolt - by Joyce Morrison for Illinois Leader

ENOKIAN: The greatest threats to our freedom - Illinois Leader

Time and money and housing by Thomas Sowell, Townhall

August 29, 2005

August 28, 2005

Doctors Deciding to Go Home Again - Frustrated by Health System, Va. Physician Reflects the Rise in House Calls - WA Post/CBS News

Coffee reported to be top source of healthy antioxidants -King 5 News

The Many Facets of The Endangered Species Act (updated version) by Julie Kay Smithson, Property Rights Research

Reforming Elections for the Preservation of Liberty - Bob Williams, Evergreen Freedom Foundation

County must pay $300,000 in dispute over public records - Public records penalty increased, but not by enough, plaintiff says - Seattle P-I

Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch

American FB president testifies on eminent domain

August 25, 2005

Commissioners will let "voter's decide" fate of farmlands measure - PNN

What Works? New report details state's education crisis, and its solutions - Contrasts claims vs. facts about student achievement; profiles failed and proven reforms -EFF

August 20, 2005

Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court - NY Times

Okanogan Citizens: “We will re-write the plan” - NCBI

August 19, 2005

De-peopling America - by Jim Beers

Mountain Lion Attacks from 2001 to Now - from Julie Kay Smithson

August 18, 2005

Stricter water rules divisive - The Olympian

Images From the Battleground - Ranchers 75 miles from Tucson say bad border policies have resulted in a daily invasion of drugs, death, pollution and violence - Tucson Weekly

Who's behind Cindy Sheehan? Commentary by Cliff Kincaid & Roger Arnoff from News with Views

Make up your mind - by Jim Beers

A New (London) Low - A refrigerator box under the bridge: The Kelo Seven prepares for the worst - Fairfield County Weekly

MORRSION: Catfish, Mulberry Seeds, and Cows in a Bubble - by Joyce Morrison, Illinois Leader

August 14, 2005

America at Work, by Henry Lamb, for News with Views

Federal policy limits 'critical' salmon areas - Seattle Times

The Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada by Phyllis Schlafly from Eagle Forum

August 12, 2005

Washington Farm Bureau Newswatch #48

Salmon Recovery: Meetings Set to Answer Questions - Omak Chronicle

Rewilding America - by Joyce Morrison

Don't take a kid fishing - by Pat Neal for Sequim Gazette

August 9, 2005

Suddenly sick - The hidden big business behind your doctor's diagnosis - special report from Seattle Times

Clallam commissioners nearer to placing real estate excise tax on ballot - PDN

Permits for ballfields too costly -King 5 News

August 8, 2005

Gas-tax rollback makes November ballot - The Olympian

Wildfire destroys 100 homes and cabins -King 5 News

August 4, 2004

Commentary: "Invasive Species" is Junk Science. That's right, and I can prove it - Julie Kay Smithson

July 24, 2005

Missouri: Maplewood Residents Fight Eminent Domain Efforts - KSDK News

Parlette considers challenging Cantwell -King 5 News

July 22, 2005

Corruption: Two judges cross the line -King 5 News

July 20, 2005

Bush Nominates Federal Judge Roberts - Yahoo News/AP

New lawsuit filed to preserve I-601 tax and spending limits - EFF

July 19, 1005

Growth lets Spring Hill reach coveted tax-rate goal: zero - Prospering city has reduced rate over past five years - The Tennessean

CAFTA and Dietary Supplements by Dr. Ron Paul

From U.S. President to President of the World - Canada Free Press

July 18, 2005

The passing of a friend - Linda Owings-Rosenburgh

Cougar rekindles interest in government trappers- The Olympian

Dozen Fort Lewis soldiers receive honor - The Olympian

Struggle over initiatives, referendums intensifies - The Olympian

July 17, 2005

Sovietizing America: How Sustainable Development Crushes the Individual - By Michael Shaw and Edward Hudgins - Eco-logic/Powerhouse

Court doesn’t allow tax challenge - Justices rule against Farm Bureau’s attempt to file a referendum on emergency tax votes -The News Tribune

Gas tax foes use financial report as political tool - The News Tribune

July 16, 2005

U.N. Agenda 21 and Sustainable Medicine - Part II. Attacks against medical technology products - Eco-logic/Powerhouse

Biblical Scroll Fragments Found in Israel -Yahoo News/AP

WA 'top two' primary struck down -King 5 News

Eminent Domain: Churches 'Targeted by the Bulldozers' - CNS News

July 15, 2005

Can the U.S. still compete? - C/Net News

How far will Europe go to stop terror? -Christian Science Monitor

Rossi won't run for Senate - Seattle Times

Socialist candidate can hide donor names - Seattle Times

Easy money in California by Thomas Sowell as reprinted in Liberty Matters

July 14, 2005

Septic systems face rule changes - State orders counties to draw up inspection plans - The Olympian

Parties' primary fight in court - AP/The Olympian

Great News! Media Release from BlueRibbon Coalition

July 11, 2005

Gas tax anger fuels initiative - Foes of the gas tax say it sends too much money to Seattle projects, but supporters say the tax is crucial to our state's economy - The Herald

Cities bristle at new law on prefab homes -News Tribune

G8 offers $9 billion to Palestinians - Aid to Africa doubled in wake of bombings - WND

July 10, 205

420,518 sign on to repeal new gas tax - Amount on petition stuns opponents - Seattle P-I

Coyotes may be killing pets in Seattle -King 5 News

Build condos – or go to jail - Judge threatening county planners with prison if development not OK'd - WND

Judge says Sundquist was reason for federal probe Investigation led to indictments of ex-governor's friends in past year; Judge: There's evidence Sundquist improperly acted with contract - The Tennessean

Sale of tax-dodging plans stopped - Operation described as fraud scheme - Seattle P-I

TeenScreen - an eye-opening report posted on Sierra Times

July 8, 2005

Editorial: In support of free speech, and KVI - Seattle Times

Initiatives range from smoking to gas tax -King 5 News

July 7, 2005

MORRISON: The Unknown Government - Opinion by Joyce Morrison for The Illinois Leader

Oil Is Oil, Be It Burned or Eaten, EPA Says - The Regulator - Washington Post

5 words that could give your electric bills a jolt - Language change in legislation may sock it to consumers - Seattle P-I

July 2, 2005

Congress aims to blunt court's eminent domain ruling-USA Today

Eyman reveals iniative plans for 2005-2006 - Adele Ferguson commentary



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