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March  2002

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Apr. 28 State Agency issues "Model" Critical Areas Ordinance"


Apr. 28 Governors agree to submit delisting plans for so-called "protected animals"-AP, via Sierra Times


Apr. 28 Family shoots four preying cougars in one day - AP
Apr. 26 Blanket primary attorney seeks high court slot -Jim Johnson throws his hat into the ring - AP


Apr. 26 Political parties send blanket primary to Court of Appeals - The Olympian


Apr. 26 McGrath Blocks Right to Amend State Constitution - National Expert Says Constitutional Initiative Process is now "Effectively Voided" in Montana - From Montana Conservatives


Apr. 26 Senators in Hiding, Approve Federal Zoning!!! - ALRA


Apr. 26 Forest Practice Rules and RMAPs - a Review

Legislator says agency rules create harmful effects on landowners - RMAP legislation was passed to prevent federal imposition of more harsh restrictions

Letter to the Editor:  Open Letter to DNR Chief about RMAPs - R. Plaske


Apr. 26 Environmentalist group names 11 rivers as most endangered - Seattle Times



Conservationists petition for wild salmon protection - Seattle Times


Apr. 26 Wildlife Society to investigate biologists' actions in fur flap -Greenwire Service


Apr. 26 Farm Bureau opposes conservation plan - Monterey County Farm Bureau


Apr. 26 Causes Affect Farming - Look to Europe for the direction we're headed - American Farm Bureau


Apr. 26 No American Left Alone: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt


Apr. 26 Latest way to pay is at our fingertips - first store to use index finger scan for purchase of groceries - Seattle Times


Apr. 26 Comply with our ‘rules’ or abandon your private roads, says government agency - They can’t do that, can they?  They already did! compiled by Sue Forde for the Citizen Review Online  


Apr. 26 River, Water & Rails to Trails (linear parks) 


Apr. 25 Bush administration backs monuments - The Oregonian


Apr. 25 Earth Day Focus: bull trout - Pat Neal, writing for the Sequim Gazette, uses an excellent tongue-in-cheek method of conveying what’s happening with the Dungeness River in Sequim


Apr. 25 'Living in a police state' - The Oakland Press


Apr. 25 The meetings are open - if you know when they are - News Tribune


Apr. 24 **ALERT!**   Federal Zoning Vote!

S. 975 – the Community Character Act

Apr. 24 Justices Weaken Movement Backing Property Rights - NY Times

Supreme Court rejects property owners' claims - The Oregonian


Protecting Lake Tahoe - High court rules for "temporary" protection, but doesn't define "temporary"- Editorial, Seattle Times


Apr. 23 NMFS, Methow irrigators work out fish plan - AP


Apr. 2 Local gun show disrupted by last-minute 'rule' changes


Apr. 23 Court: Gun Shows Can Be Banned Decision Expected To Set Off Avalanche Of Ordinances - San Diego Channel


Apr. 23 U.S. to help U.N. redefine 'families' - WA Times


Apr. 23 Secretary Norton, Interior Officials Will Call for 'New
Environmentalism' at Earth Day 2002 Events


Apr. 22 Landowners express anger over state-mandated rules: State effort to help protect fish leads to dust-up over timber road rules - Seattle Times


Apr. 22 State to Test Soil for Poisons; Politicians, Farmers Not Happy - Yakima Valley Herald


Apr. 21 Methow Valley irrigators vow to fill ditches - Seattle P-I


Apr. 21 Grazing inside the Breaks National Monument: Ranchers wary as BLM forms watershed plan - Great Falls Tribune


Apr. 20 A Town Traded Away As another factory shuts down, residents of Chilhowie ask, where are the jobs that globalization is supposed to create? - LA Times


Apr. 20 Rural America declares war on 'green fascists' - from the UK Telegraph


Apr. 20 Earth Charter undone by first American city to endorse it - Henry Lamb for WND


Apr. 19 Federal agency wants to shut down Methow Valley Irrigation; Skagit County Farmers must commit to buffer plan, more from the WA Farm Bureau's newsletter


Apr. 19

Governor Locke Announces $36.7 million in Grants to Purchase and Improve Salmon Habitat from press release - Gov. Locke's Salmon Recovery Funding Board


Apr. 19

'No Darby Refuge' leader responds to request for USFWS meeting by Julie Kay Smithson


Apr. 19 See Dick and Jane weep - by Michelle Malkin, Townhall


Apr. 18 Emergency moratorium causes uproar - Ability to plat to 10 acres won’t apply to potential Resource Lands - Statesman Examiner


Apr. 18 Earth Day 2002 Fact Sheet - Myths and Facts About the Environment - National Center for Public Policy Research

Apr. 18 $85.7 million in grants available to States for Endangered Species Conservation - Agency issues statement about how they are deciding to spend taxpayers' dollars

Letter to the Editor:  Carrots, anyone? Our money to be used to buy up private property by Julie Kay Smithson


Apr. 18 Couple hit with Wetlands Fine for Trimming Bushes - Liberty Matters


Apr. 18 City council overturns event center initiative - Everett Herald


Apr. 18 Permanent Offense team issues statement regarding inaccuracies in major news media


Apr. 18 Where your hard-earned tax dollars go - reports on spending


Apr. 18 Democrats feel they can defeat Arctic drilling bill - King 5 News

Nine out of Ten Caribou Support Drilling - commentary by Ann Coulter, Townhall


Apr. 18 International Criminal Court created by 35% of the world's countries


Apr. 16 Salmon projects get $5M -Washington Salmon Recovery Funding Board has approved 128 projects across the state for a total of $36.8 million - Bremerton Sun


Apr. 16 New fish rules costly for owners of private roads - Capital Press


Apr. 16 News Alert - Federal Zoning Vote scheduled for April 18 - Land use bill would fund localities to comply with federal 'guidelines' - includes 'social equity' but no mention of private property rights


Apr. 16 Initiative backers tout 2002-style homemade legislation - AP


Apr. 16 Civil Liberties In Times of Terror - Speech By Justice Richard B. Sanders delivered at the WA State LP Convention

Apr. 16 Metro farmland protection debates looming large - Capital Press


Apr. 16 Landfill continues to pay environmentalists by Becky Blanton, The Klickitat County Monitor


Apr. 16 'Smart growth' plan's perils by F. Patricia Callahan


Apr. 15 People for the USA Creates New Blueprint for Land Rights Battles - Sierra Times


Apr. 15 Building the Wildlands Project -


Apr. 15 'I, Uh, I Have No Comment' - A union plays dirty in opposing an antitax initiative - Wall Street Journal


Apr. 15 Charter forests: privatizing the public domain - The Business Journal of Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Apr. 15 Americans face looming tax deadline today - 17,000 pages, 2.8 million word IRS Code makes it more complex than ever


Apr. 15 2003 Budget Completes Big Jump in Spending - Washington Post


Apr. 15 Safe or Scenic? Columbia Gorge Commission Pressured WSDOT  to Compromise Safety for Scenic Views - Klickitat Monitor


Apr. 15 Son of Kyoto Returns — Again - A treaty’s many lives - National Review


Apr. 15

NAHB goes to federal court...Taking "Takings" to Federal Court - from


Apr. 13 Fisheries Service releases target numbers for salmon recovery - Seattle P-I


Apr. 13 Columbia River farmers and irrigation are being shut down, while government agency goals for flow targets can never be achieved - by James Buchal


Apr. 13 Artificial Flood Failed to Solve Grand Canyon Problems, Scientists Say - CNN


Apr. 12 Sustainability Community Plans' , South Carolina style, includes preservation of everything except individual liberty


Apr. 12 Warm embrace for kids, or merely 'psycho cry fest'? Why are schools meddling in childrens' emotions rather than teaching them to read?  Seattle Times


Apr. 11 Citizen responds to Darby Refuge questionnaire with facts about Wildlands Project


Apr. 11 State  issues "suggested" stormwater  regulations: Urge your elected representatives to read the document carefully before passing it


Apr. 11 Referendum filed to sink collective bargaining - Building lobbyist wants to overturn state labor law - The Olympian


Apr. 11 World court now a reality - Will supersede national sovereignty, even of countries refusing to ratify - WND

Apr. 10 Smart Growth Plan's Perils: Bill would federalize no-growth regulations nationwide by Patricia Callahan, President of the American Association of Small Property Owners


Apr. 10 Kitsap officials concerned about trust - Majority of citizens presently believe commissioners are working on a 'secret' land use plan - Bremerton Sun


Apr. 10


Sierra Club Wants to Turn Back Clock on 200 Years of Progress - Yakima Herald


Apr. 10 Less visible environmental crusades against Snake River dams still alive - News Tribune

Groups try new tactics in salmon campaigns - The Olympian


Apr. 9 Companies: Proposal would take 7 million acres of farmland out of production -Government wants to restrict where and how farmers may spray their crops - Yakima Herald-Republic


Apr. 9 Horsemen lobby against land restrictions - The Spokesman Review


Apr. 9 We really DO get along with wildlife!  Here's the Proof!


Apr. 9 Conservation groups push Congress to buy land seen by Lewis, Clark - 4,000 ACRES: Keeping Columbia River Gorge site undeveloped is goal - News Tribune

The Wildlands Project

Apr. 9 Lawsuit forces federal agency to ponder protection of hybrid fish - The Olympian


  Trying to comply with GMA: Planning staff’s workload is keeping citizens on hold - Skagit Valley Herald


Apr. 8 DOE to deny water if they 'don't cooperate' - Klickitat Monitor


Apr. 8 The prairie dogs that weren't there - by William Pendley Perry, MSLF


Apr. 8 Public comments invited on draft plan to clean up lower Dungeness watershed- -Clean up plan focuses on human and domestic animals - DOE notice


Apr. 8 CA Farm Bureau to Challenge EPA Ruling


Apr. 8 Oregonians in Action files land use initiatives, challenges others - OIA


Apr. 8 Government spending in Kansas a microcosm of every state? by John D'Aloia Jr.


Apr. 8 USDA Plans Severe Gardening Restrictions - Henrietta Bowman, Sierra Times


Apr. 7 Brinnon plan supporters picket County Courthouse - PT Leader


Apr. 7 No love lost between Pacific County, state Ecology office - Study illustrates complaints about environmental bureaucracy - The Oregonian


Apr. 7 Agency maintains trout not imperiled - Spokesman-Review


Apr. 5 Sierra Club, main proponent of 'Wildlands Project', calls 'Lewis-Clark world degraded' - Calls for 'restoring wild America' 

About The Wildlands Project


Apr. 5 State mandates water metering, reporting - List includes the Elwha & Dungeness Rivers - Bellingham Herald


Apr. 5 Growth management laws stir contention - South County Journal


Apr. 5 Bill exempts existing farms from state regs - Daily World


Apr. 5 Supreme Court refuses to hear Columbia Gorge dispute - The Oregonian


Apr. 5 500 pages of proposed rules could affect ag dramatically - Capital Press


Apr. 5 Place a Conservation Easement on your property: Expect enforcement by outside parties - J. Zane Walley


Apr. 5 Permittees negotiate plan in wake of lawsuit filed by Western Watersheds Project - Capital Press


Apr. 5 State Committee charged with finding ways to implement watershed plans across the state and other news from the WA Farm Bureau


Apr. 5 New initiative drive intended to restore state's I-601 tax, spending limits - News Tribune


Apr. 5 Grays Harbor - Small business: The 'economic backbone' is aching - Daily World


Apr. 5 Malpractice insurance creates woes for doctors - The News Tribune


Apr. 5 Initiative 776 hires Bockwinkel for paid signature gathering drive in response to unions' tactics

Press release sent to Secretary of State's office from Permanent Office about union's role in attempting to squash I-776


Apr. 5 Anti-tax group petitions trashed with union help
Tactic against Permanent Offense smacks of `dirty pool,' but probably not illegal, state officials say - Spokesman-Review

Unions plot to drain tax foes' coffers by requesting its literature - Seattle P-I


Apr. 5 Cities' growth stalls: - Annexations `a mess' following   
 court decision - The Journal


Apr. 5 American Justice for Americans -- No International Criminal Court for Us - Sign Petition


Apr. 3

State orders measurement and reporting of water usage in threatened river basins - South County Journal

Measure Water Use, Irrigators Ordered - Yakima Herald-Republic


Apr. 3

Watershed group seeks state action - Plans to allocate 'finite' water supplies in face of 'dwindling' salmon runs - The Olympian


Apr. 3 Washington urges alliance on aquifers - State budget provision envisions shared management of Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer - Spokesman Review

Apr. 3 Global Ethics, Sustainable Development and the Earth Charter 


Apr. 3 Restore the Spirit of America---Exposition and Rendezvous set for April 13th


Apr. 3 The UN and property rights by Henry Lamb


Apr. 1 A champion for rural causes takes aim at government rules


Apr. 1 THE MYTH OF THE FAT SUBURBANITES from The Thoreau Institute


Apr. 1 $1.32 Billion to be spent by Feds in Northwest dam tear-down, wildlands-related projects -Elwha Dam removal to cost $25.8 million - from


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