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April 2001

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April 30 Wildlife group will ask for extended greywolf protection - Sacramento Bee
April 30 Georgia farmers are relieved after bidding to forego irrigation - AP
April 30 Environmentalists pay price for compromise - LA Times
April 30 Weed control proposal gets hearings - Shelton-Mason Co. Journal
April 28 Thoburn to remain in jail "indefinitely" for noncompliance in planting of shrubs - WA Times
April 28 Bush suspends another Clinton 'midnight' regulation - Fox News
April 28 Sierra Club and other enviro groups "twist facts", live high, says new report - Sacramento Bee
April 28 The battle for irrigation water: Klamath farmers look to mediate, lobby, sell - Capital Press
April 28 Supreme Court considers compensation for land-use rules - Pacific Legal Foundation
April 28 Panel uses 1292 pages to explain how to simplify tax code - Basic tax return includes 144 pages of explanation - Palm Beach Post
April 28 State Rep Jim Buck says new budget a "reality check" for rural areas
April 28 Lawsuit filed to stop government agencies from clubbing salmon - Pacific Legal Foundation
April 28 UN biosphere reserve in San Francisco gets three men arrested for moving dirt - Alamance
April 27 Critical Areas law spurs Sequim dispute - Ken Short, PDN
April 27 Western land battle heats up in Nevada legislature - Sierra Times
April 27 Salmon recovery actions don't pass the smell test - Steve Appel, WFB
April 27 Farm Bureau: USDA should nix latest roadless rule - Farm Bureau
April 27 House passes bill defining fetuses as people - Yahoo News
April 27 UN wants global gun ban - Newsmax
April 27 Drug War death toll - by Lew Rockwell
April 26 Bucket brigade set to show support for farmers losing water - Siskiyou Co. Farm Bureau
April 26 Interior Secretary Norton holds back Wildlands Project  in Idaho, Montana Billings Gazette
April 26 White House seeks to overturn Clinton ban on logging, roads in national forests WA Post
April 26 No place to hide: Britain is now a surveillance state UK Times
April 26 Experts don't want to be confused by the facts - by Martha Ireland
April 26 Escalating cost of city transit will mean entire region will bear the cost - Seattle PI
April 25 Clallam County: Citizens rally to overturn Critical Areas Code - by Lois Krafsky-Perry
April 25 UN Sustainable Development Commission begins meetings in NY - Eco-Logic
April 25 Farmers denied their own water Oregon Farm Bureau
April 25 Initiative 747 - "Limit Property Taxes"
April 25 Court allows jail time for minor offenses CSM
April 25 Eco- terrorists claim responsibility for arson attack - Oregonian
April 25 Men could get 16 years for moving dirt in UN Biosphere at Golden Gate Park - Alamance Independent
April 25 New UN treaty  may be hazardous to your health - by Henry Lamb Sierra Times
April 25 Forest fires waiting to happen - thin it or lose it, says ex-forester  Sierra Times
April 24 Communitarianism and civil society - by Niki Raapana
April 23 Road project stalls as biologists look for threatened orchid - Casper Star, Wyoming
April 23 Global warming just 'hot air' say meteorologists - Philadelphia Inquirer
April 23 Global warming just 'hot air' say metereologists - Philadelphia Inquirer
April 23 Fine and jail for picking up seashells Charlotte Observer
April 22 Conservation Easements: Their unexpected legacy - forces farm family to demolish their home --Property Rights Foundation of America
April 22 Utah to Sue on Logging, Road Bans - Salt Lake Tribune
April 22 How could I live without filing  taxes? asks Carla Howell in song
April 22 Changing children into addicts? The connection between Prozac/Ritalin and violent crimes - WND
April 20 The Critical Areas Code should be repealed by Bob Forde, Chair, Committee to Repeal the CAC
April 20 Critical Areas Code necessary -Editorial by Sequim Gazette
April 20 Land Trust adds 100 acres along Dungeness River - Sequim Gazette
April 20 Ore: Bucket Brigade Planned to Stand Off Against Federal Government - Move a plan to help farmers - Sierra Times
April 20 Parents object to 'mercy killing' required reading in child's school - Fort Bend Star
April 20 Seismologist warn of moderate earthquakes in Bay Area - AP
April 20 Seattle rescinds order on tent city - Seattle PI
April 20 IRS agents raid home - Topeka Capital Journal
April 20 While They Are Sleeping...
April 20 WA State Ecology says Dungeness River among 600 most polluted in the state - DOE
April 20 First "land trusts" - now "water trusts" - DOE
April 19 Asian dust storm spreads across western U.S., causes heavy pollution - AP
April 19 Government "takes" couple's home of 30 years to 'square up' a nature preserve - Daily Herald
April 19 Libertarians: Ten stupid ways politicians will spend  tax dollars - CNS
April 19 Update on Endangered Species Act and other bills of interest - Property Rights Congress
April 18 Is the Dungeness Clean Water District necessary? -PDN
April 18 WA: Fear runs deep as farms dry up -Seattle PI
April 18 Water decision hits farmers hard -read this and other stories about the water issue - HeraldandNews, Klamath Falls, OR
April 18 The Water Police are coming - Part II - State to "inspect" Dungeness farms as precursor to Clean Water District -PDN
April 18 WA State Senate passes landmark water rights bill - The Oregonian
April 18 Enviro group opposes draft grizzly plan - says it doesn't give bears enough room - Casper Wyoming Star
April 18

Planned Parenthood urges youth to have casual sex - Newsmax

Earth Day - Front Page Magazine

April 17 'Cajun' style primary emerges as top choice - The Olympian
April 17 Find out how much Pres. Bush's tax cut will save you.  Click here  Find out how much Social Security you'll get at retirement.  Click Here
April 17 Washington residents must work until May 10th to pay taxes  - Evergreen Freedom Foundation
April 17 Plenty of gas in Alaska pipeline with nowhere to go - Dallas News
April 17 Group considers new tactic in tax revolt - WND
April 17 Oregon governor faces angry farmers over water issue - Oregonian
April 17 Seattle spends millions to help homless, yet fines church for offering them temporary shelter - Seattle PI
April 17 Grand Junction, Colo. sued over 10 Commandments - Denver Post
April 16 Americans for tax reform hold national rally for tax relief today - WND
April 16 Watercraft ban: Will boat owners be next? LVRJ Opinion
April 16 Who needs Earth Day? by Henry Lamb, WND
April 16 A billion by any other name - Jane Chastain, WND
April 16 Tax reform drive builds up steam - WND
April 16 The seven habits of highly successful IRS prosecutors - Sierra Times
April 15 Clallam County, WA: Initiative drive starts for repeal of the Critical Areas Code - PDN
April 15 Fighting with love - Worldnetdaily
April 15 Rethinking Romans 13 - Worldnetdaily
April 12 Activists file initiative to repeal the Critical Areas Code - Sequim Gazette
April 12 Environmentalists stew at President seeks to remove tool to create more endangered species-Boston Globe
April 12 Feds: $240 extra for clean shirts Fox News
April 12 'Smart Growth' is Agenda 21 - EcoLogic
April 11 Say no to income taxes by Joseph Farah, Worldnetdaily
April 11 54 reasons Americans are fatigued and overworked
April 11 Tax debate - commentary by Ike Harley
April 10 Clueless in Olympia by Martha Ireland
April 10 Are you pro-choice for restaurants? by Martha Ireland
April 10 The Tax Code:  The Law That Never Was? - Newsmax
April 10 New Mexico Cattlemen win in court again - Sierra Times
April 10 BPA chief asks aluminum industry to virtually shut itself down - Seattle Times/PI 
April 10 BPA ultimatum to the people: Conserve or else! - Northwest Cable News
April 10 Frogs win out over fish - trout to be killed to "save" them - Fresno Bee 
April 10 Land grab leading to famine in Africa - UK Telegraph 
April 9 Civics 2001: A democracy or a republic? by Martha Ireland
April 9 WY: Irrigation managers propose water limits for farmers - Casper Wyoming News
April 9 Snohomish County, WA - County makes couple move house 30 inches to comply with zoning law - ABC News, John Stossel
April 9 Ranchers, off-road enthusiasts in bind - LVRJ
April 9 He refused to move his trees, so now he's in jail - by Vin Suprynowicz
April 9 Fish over humans: Klamath farmers vent frustration over irrigation plan - leaves farms without water - Oregonian
April 9 ID: Clinton green regs violated law - Fox News
April 9 PG&E gave bonuses before filing for bankruptcy - LA TIMES
April 6 Clallam County: Forum discussion focuses on initiatives - PDN
April 6 Colorado joins fight against roadless initiative -The Denver Post
April 6 Farm Bureau News: Making Eastern Washington another state would leave the western rural area 'King County's park' & other news 
April 6 Judge's orders: Fish before farmers - The Oregonian
April 6 The Forest Guardians: Non-Profit can be surprisingly profitable - Sierra Times
April 5 Buffer zones becoming "battle" zones - Asheville Tribune
April 5 Radical environmentalist group attempts to "re-wild" 1/2 of America - Leader Dave Foreman says conservation easements a great tool toward this end - Insight Magazine
April 5 Scenic portions of Columbia River Gorge may be opened to mining - Tribes exempt from management rules - The Oregonian
April 5 Senate hearing on tax scams today - Group cries 'foul' at not being allowed to testify - WND
April 5 Tax Protesters: Patriots or scam artists? - WND
April 5 Ted Turner buys out interest in Russia television station - AllNews
April 4 City lawsuit seeks to protect privacy: Internet site includes social security numbers - Eastside Journal
April 4 Gorbachev gathers pals for a New World Order - Sydney Morning Herald
April 4 Police seeks to extend ordinance into homes - The Daily Herald, Utah
April 4 Census: '90s saw Americans moving to the rural areas - Scripps-McClatchy Western Service
April 4 Congressional bill would end tax withholding - WND
April 4 Tax Revolt- CBS News
April 4 Parents seek to remove "The Giver" from schools - it encourages euthanasia, suicide and infanticide - Denver Post

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