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Alabama governor signs bill to stop Agenda 21


Alabama Governor Robert Bentley Passes Anti-Agenda 21 Bill

Infomation from Rene Holladay

Posted 11/18/2012

Alabama House Bill 618/Senate Bill 477 passed unanimously in both the House and Senate on May 24, 2012. This Bill, known unofficially among some supporters as the “Due Process for Property Rights” Act, was signed by Gov. Robert Bentley with much support from statewide activists determined to see to it that their property would not be taken or regulated out of their hands without due process of law.

Bill 477 is likely the toughest Bill on record that makes a stand against UN infiltration into our nation. You will simply love reading the text of this Bill because it says it like it should be said. If there is one Bill I’d like to see every state copy right now, it would be this one. Of course I’d just as soon see a nationwide ban on UN programs altogether, but for a first step, this one would do.

Below is the primary text of Alabama SB 477:



5 Relating to due process; to prohibit the State of

6 Alabama and its political subdivisions from adopting and

7 developing environmental and developmental policies that,

8 without due process, would infringe or restrict the


9 property rights of the owner of the property.


11 Section 1. (a) As used in this section, “political

12 subdivisions” means all state, county, incorporated


13 unincorporated city, public local entity, public-private

14 partnership, and any other public entity of the state, a

15 county, or city.

16 (b) The State of Alabama and all political

17 subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy


18 that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict

19 private property rights without due process, as may be

20 required by policy recommendations originating in, or

21 traceable to “Agenda 21,” adopted by the United Nations


22 1992 at its Conference on Environment and Development or


23 other international law or ancillary plan of action that

24 contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the

25 Constitution of the State of Alabama.

Page 1


1 (c) Since the United Nations has accredited and

2 enlisted numerous non-governmental and inter-governmental

3 organizations to assist in the implementation of its


4 relative to Agenda 21 around the world, the State of


5 and all political subdivisions may not enter into any

6 agreement, expend any sum of money, or receive funds

7 contracting services, or giving financial aid to or from


8 non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations as

9 defined in Agenda 21.

10 Section 2. This act shall become effective on the

11 first day of the third month following its passage and

12 approval by the Governor, or its otherwise becoming law.

Page 2


This Bill can be viewed online at:


The language in this bill absolutely does not beat around the bush, nor does it leave any question as to what it is that the State of Alabama finds abhorrent to the rights of private property owners. Don’t you wish your own Governor would take this kind of tough stance in protection of your private property rights?

Don’t forget that Alabama only passed this Law because of the efforts of activists from across the entire state. Even at the last minute, the Governor had trepidation over signing it, but his supporters and activists urged him until it was finalized. How wonderful their combined efforts were, because now the State of Alabama is the only state in the USA in which the UN cannot trample over the private property rights of the land owners.

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