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May 30, 2007

Take control of your food: Grow your own - The Tacoma News Tribune/AP

Klickitat County changes to all-mail voting; cost cited - The Columbian

Instant Runoff Voting: Working out the wrinkles in a new way of voting - The News Tribune

Port’s eminent domain OK’d - 22 property owners on Tideflats must yield to expansion - The News Tribune

County unveils new zoning idea - The Olympian

May 29, 2007

$100 million jobs fund was mistake, lawmakers say - Seattle Times

Cost of new ‘critical areas’ program hits tight budget - The Daily World

May 21, 2007

DCD position, eminent domain issues of testimony at Home Rule Charter Commission public hearing - Citizen Review Online

May 20, 2007

Huge task faces Puget Sound's anointed 'savior' - Ruckelshaus to lead new state agency - Seattle Times

Charter Review panel takes ideas to the public - PNN

May 17, 2007

Freeholders discuss issues to place on ballot - by Lois Perry, Citizen Review

May 12, 2007

Clallam County, WA: No tax talk, please, say charter reviewers - PDN

Eminent Domain: New London, CT house may be on the move - Kelo could keep her home if she moves it - WTNH Channel 8

Riviera Beach Eminent Domain Suits Dropped - ABC WPBF-TV 25

House approves bill to overturn ban on hounding cougars - Ranchers, Conservationists Say Legislation Based on “Hysteria” - Bend Weekly News

Udall amends Piñon Canyon land criteria - The Denver Post

Washington State: Mixed GMA decisions from Court of Appeals -BIAW

May 11, 2007

The NAU and the Integration of America - by Joan Veon

Recently Obtained E-mails Show Secretary of State's Office is Very Concerned about Voter Registration Fraud - BIAW

May 10, 2007

County declares moratorium on large subdivisions - Methow Valley News

Governor vetoes eminent domain protection

Trans Texas Corridor Moratorium Bill Passes Texas Legislature in a Landslide! - Veto Expected: HB 1892, TTC Moratorium Bill - LMNS

The World Really is Warming: The Faithful Heretic - A Wisconsin Icon Pursues Tough Questions - LMNS

Virginia Rejects Land Tax Credits - Land tax credits rejected by state - LMNS

May 8, 2007

Tear-down plan in Burien fought - Port of Seattle wants to demolish 162 affordable apartments with the hope of landing a big-box retailer - Seattle Times

Feeding the Federal Behemoth: Federal Lands or Royal Lands? by Jim Beers, for eco/logic Powerhouse

Flats eminent domain trial opens - The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio

Fields of conflict in the Klamath - Activists say farmers are poised to solidify their presence in the basin's federal wildlife refuges - Los Angeles Times

Don't mow your grass? Go to jail! - Don Casey, for eco/logic Powerhouse

May 7, 2007

Eyman fumes as Gregoire signs tax bill - Governor gives local governments power to add $20 fee to car tabs - The Daily Herald

Feds list Puget Sound steelhead as threatened species - KONP News

Poet Laureate will have to buy own beer - Tri-City Herald

May 6, 2007

Reports differ on county's plans for critical areas - PDN

Judges attack 'quick take' - Appeals court says city abused use of eminent domain for redevelopment plan - Baltimore Sun

I Spy -USGS Launches Land Cover Data Web Tool - LMNS

Shattered Dreams: One Hundred Stories of Government Abuse - LMNS s

Tall in the Saddle - Wyoming rancher fights for his property rights - Investor's Daily

May 4, 2007

Local National Guard will serve in Iraq - by Lois Perry, Citizen Review

State's highest gas price stings Clallam Bay dealer, too - PDN


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