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June 2006


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If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny. - Thomas Jefferson

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June 29, 2006

Sequim: Residents rap planned Discovery Trail route - PDN

County delays wetland rules - PT Leader

Recreational access groups hold rally in support of public lands access for all citizens

NOAA Awards $600,000 to The Nature Conservancy To Restore Critical Marine Habitat and Protect Aquatic Species

A wake-up call on the importance of state Supreme Court races by Justice Richard B. Sanders for WSFB

June 26, 2006

Farm protest earns delay of new environmental rules - PT Leader

Critical areas ordinance draws crowd in Hadlock - PDN

Development code's farming impact by Martha Ireland, for PDN

Executive Order: Protecting the Property Rights of the American People

Kelo Decision Spawns Land Grab Spree -Eminent domain surges after ruling - LMNS/WA Times

Supreme Court Rules on Wetlands Cases - Court Splits Over Wetlands Protections -LMNS

June 20, 2006

Proposed environmental rules spark protest - Farm Protest Earns Delay - PT Leader

Balance needed in wetland laws - Editorial by Fred Obee for PT Leader

Rural zoning draft draws crowd - The Olympian

June 19, 2006

Jefferson County Farmers' Tractor Protest Gets Results -County commissioners extend deadline for critical areas ordinance - Kitsap Sun

Supreme Court affirms wetlands protections - Yahoo News

Critical Areas, Eminent Domain, Wetlands and the Supreme Court - WA Farm Bureau News

June 16, 2006

Onerous Critical Areas Ordinance in the making, says local farm bureau president - Jefferson County residents urged to attend planning commission meeting

June 15, 2006

Commentary: Forestry may hold key to spotted owl's existence - CA Farm Bureau Federation

Battle over wetlands buffers develops in Jefferson County - PDN

Olympic Discovery Trail path reaches a roadblock - PDN

Olympic National Park releases Draft General Management Plan - PNN

Feds flip-flop on animal ID? - by Henry Lamb, for eco-logic/Powerhouse

NAIS Spawned by International Entanglements by Doreen Hannes for Liberty Ark Coalition

June 13, 2006

Study shows homes across Washington state are overpriced - King 5 News

Judge strikes down property tax I-747 - King 5 News

June 8, 2006

He will be missed - Wayne Hage, American patriot, passes

Nevada came to Ohio - a tribute to Wayne Hage - by Julie Kay Smithson

AWB Tabulates Scorecard on Washington State Supreme Court Justices

New farm bureau chapter seeks bigger voice - PT Leader

Are state officials engineering a slow death for I-601? - King 5 News

June 5, 2006

Interior nominee opposes Bush plan to sell public land - Billings Gazette

June 1, 2006

Farm Bureau PAC endorses chalengers for WA State Supreme Court

Study: Washington employers pay $1 billion in 'hidden tax' - King 5 News

Get government out of NAIS - by Henry Lamb for eco-logic/Powerhouse

The other side of NAIS by Randy Givens in response to article " National Animal Identification System" by Cindy Coping

The bureau of "nature conservancy" - by Joyce Morrison, for eco-logic/Powerhouse

Conservancy "Protects" Additional Land at Lynx Prairie Preserve - Purchases will safeguard globally rare remnant prairie communities - with notes from Julie Kay Smithson of Property Rights Research

Gay rights referendum fails to qualify for ballot - King 5 News



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