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November  2001

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Dec. 31 Will salmon cost the farm?  Snohomish farmers are worried about take-down of dikes -The Herald, Everettt, WA


Dec. 31

Did the Dams Slaughter Salmon This Spring?  Proof Is Lacking- by James Buchal


Dec. 31 Ludlow residents want out of PUD - Port Townsend Leader


Dec. 31 Klamath: Cameras keep eye on A Canal - Herald and Net


Dec. 31 Officials looking again at lizard
Desert animal considered for federal protection - San Diego Union Tribune


Dec. 31

N.C. - Sparks Fly At McDowell County Commissioner's Meeting over Sovereignty Ordinance - Asheville Tribune


Dec. 31

"Volunteers" monitor streams after receiving "training" from environmental agencies - ENN (with commentary by Jackie Patru)


Dec. 31 NATO helps Kosovo embrace the euro - CNN


Dec. 28 Nevada: Property owners, government face off over land - AP via CNN


Dec. 28 Shutting down the West: Agriculture chief upholds management plan for 11.5 million acres of Sierra - AP, via Sierra Times


Dec. 28 Studies of dwindling sea lions draw 'staggering' $80 million - Seattle Times


Dec. 28

New State "Emergency" Powers Threaten Civil Liberties  - Unelected Officials Can Force Vaccinations, Quarantines, Rationing & Property Seizures - alert from AAPS


Dec. 28 Veterans object to sister-province ties with Cuba - Seattle P-I


Dec. 28 EU Policy changes next year would put more than a million farmers out of business - Christian Science Monitor


Dec. 27 Senators Offer Soviet-Style Central Planning for the Klamath Basin - James Buchal
Dec. 26 GMA affects rural counties most; initiatives send message - letter to the editor (Skagit Valley Herald)


Dec. 26 Comply or else, EPA tells state air agency Ecology Department fears a 'paperwork nightmare' - Seattle P-I


Dec. 26 Portland property owners protest "Stream Scheme"- The Oregonian


Dec. 26 Oregon: Batch of state laws takes effect Jan. 1 - The Oregonian


Dec. 26 Court puts lid on nosy questionaires - Phyllis Schlafly, Townhall


Dec. 25 Clallam Commissioners approve plan to save farmlands - Sequim Gazette


Dec. 25 WA State Farm Bureau News Watch - Dec. 2001 Recap


Dec. 25

Federal agents investigate Letters to the Editor in the Casper Star Tribune - Libertarian Chair questioned by FBI for use of the word "collectivist" in letter - Wyoming Network, Inc. via Sierra Times


Dec. 25 Bush executive-privilege claim draws ire
Lawmakers from both parties decry decision to withhold documents


Dec. 25 Argentine leader declares default on $132 Billion Debt - NY Times


Dec. 25 Applied Digital pushes microchip to plant in foreigners for tracking - Palm Beach Post

Ex-N.J. surgeon offers himself for experiment - implants chips - The Record

Threat of National I.D. -from William Safire column


Dec. 19 Fish and Wildlife Commission may lose power - Legislation: Policy-making authority could be transferred to a new
oversight committee in wake of recent disputes - News Tribune


Dec. 19 Shelton, WA: Two citizens' groups  offer alternative fish, wildlife amendment drafts - say 150 buffers on type 5 streams would cause hardships - Shelton Journal


Dec. 19 Locke's budget cuts deep and wide - looks at multi-state lottery - The Olympian


Dec. 19 Dept. of Interior denies Enforcement Bill exists - Liberty Matters News


Dec. 19 Hidden Taxes Should be Lowered, Too
by Wayne T. Brough, Ph.D.CSE

Dec. 19

Those who press for energy "conservation" forget  why our standard of living is envied worldwide - by John D'Aloia Jr.

Related story-from radical environmentalists point of view: New Web-Based Ecological Footprint Quiz Allows Individuals To Measure Their Impact On The Planet


Dec. 19 B.C. considers building a bridge to Vancouver Island to save money - a lesson for U.S. - Seattle P.I.

U.S. Considers universal registration proposal


Dec. 18

GMA costs homeowners thousands of dollars, says new report



Dec. 18

House Resources Chairman Urges Employee Dismissal and Top-to-Bottom Federal Review of Lynx Survey in Wake of Lynx Hair Hoax


Dec. 18 U.N. proposes universal identification scheme - Refugees meeting hears proposal to register every human in Geneva - Sydney Morning News


Dec. 18 National ID card gaining support - Washington Post


Dec. 18 Washington State spending solution:  Resolution - editorial by Barry Sehlin  from The Daily Herald

Related story: Tough budget choices ahead - The Olympian

Locke's budget buys time, but clock is ticking - EFF


Dec. 18 Lynx hoax debases habitat study, compels firings, says Buck

Related story: Rare lynx hairs found in forests exposed as hoax - WA Times


Dec. 18

Citizen raises questions about need for 
Fisheries Enhancement Group program
- by Sharon Shumate


Dec. 16 Commissioner proposes "end run" around wishes of people - uses "resolution" instead of ordinance to "save" open spaces by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


Dec. 16 Skagit could opt for charter system - Skagit Valley Herald


Dec. 16 Oregon: Salmon delisting thrown out - AP


Dec. 16

NM: Water Rights A Possible Target of Federal Government Report- by J.J. Johnson - Sierra Times


Dec. 11 BLM Victim Speaks Out - Sierra Times


Dec. 11 Dam plan has town in a wringer -
Relicensing conditions aid fish, bicyclists, but harm ratepayers - Spokane Review


Dec. 9

Organizers of the Conservation Futures Fund proposal are responding to public criticism as time grows shorter on the plan - Sequim Gazette

Conservation Futures Fund proponents offer flawed arguments for passage of new tax - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


Dec. 9

Initiative 6  submitted for Washington State Supreme Court review -by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online


  More Power to Abuse - Craig Roberts, Newsmax


Dec. 9


Citizens recommend rural growth plan - County planning commission to examine newest GMA document - Omak Chronicle


Dec. 9

Salamander kept off endangered species list - Lack of population figures dooms petition before Fish and Game, to landowners' relief - Press Democrat


Dec. 9

Sustainable Development: A Snowball Bound For Hell by Henry Lamb


Dec. 9


Audit Rips Federal Land Trades, 
Groups Call For Ouster Of Top BLM Appraiser
-via Sierra Times

Dec. 9


Dept. of Interior Seeks Law Enforcement Authority-Liberty Matters


Dec. 9


Editorial:  Small-county veto power ruled unfair -Coeur d'Alene Press 

Dec. 6


NMFS Official Admits Bogus ESA Analyses - by James Buchal

Dec. 6

EPA finds support for tighter fertilizer standards -But an industry spokesman says new rules aren't needed and will drive up price of fertilizers - Capital Press


Dec. 6

Report Seeks New Vision for BLM Lands - ENS


Dec. 6

Dairymen take county to court - Imposed moratoriums hurting livestock businesses - Capital Press


Dec. 6


UN solves Sesame Street dispute - Annan promote "group" over "individualism" in Sesame Street conflict resolution - CSM


Dec. 1

"Growing Smarter" - is just plain dumb - ecologic


Dec. 1


Clallam County commissioners plan Conservation Futures Levy without vote of people - Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

1998 Story from Skagit County on Conservation Futures Levy - one of  the "models" for Clallam County

Snohomish County Council passes tax increase for Conservation Futures Levy

Dec. 1

Keep Your Eye on the Target - speech by Congressman Ron Paul to U.S. House of Representatives


Dec. 1

Federal "No Growth" Blueprint would govern every aspect of our local land use By Nancie G. Marzulla (from eco-logic)


Dec. 1

Land Trust or real estate company, challenges county commissioner - Skagit Valley Herald



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