Letter to the Editor: Spreading Mass Awareness About Dangers of Smart Meters

Posted Feb. 10, 2012


Smart Meters and how people are allowing all sorts of things for convenience sake, not even questioning the health aspects. Smart Meters are one of those. This will be the largest technological development in history and will require people to change their behaviors in their own private homes. The Smart meter grid will be federally regulated under the US grid infrastructure. Money is allocated from the Stimulus money to push this through across the nation as fast as they can.

Smart meters contains RF(radio frequency) so that it can be remotely controlled and read. When all is in place, the meter will not only keep track of how much electricity or water you are using but it will be able to control, regulate, and ration your use of electricity.

Radiofrequency interference with medical devices have been reported, such as pacemakers, apnea monitors, electrically powered wheelchairs,  RF insulin pumps…ect., have failed to operate correctly because of interference from various emitters of radiofrequency energy. This condition is called radiofrequency interference (RFI). The consequences of these failures range from inconvenience to serious injuries and death.

The City of Port Angeles will be installing these health dangerous meters and will not let you as homeowner opt out of having one installed.  I received a letter from Kent Myers, City Manager saying, “If you insist that no smart meter be installed on your property, the City will not be able to supply electric and water services to you.”



Judi Hangartner
Port Angeles, WA