Access Denied - Olympic Hot Springs Road blockaded and the "rest of the story"

Posted 7/26/2011

by Pearl Rains Hewett

On June 28, 2011 an article "Access Denied"  with my picture was on the front page of the Peninsula Daily News.

As Paul Harvey would say, here is "The rest of the story." for your enjoyment.

On June 28, 2011 Paul Gottlieb PDN [Peninsula Daily News] called me and asked if I  would meet a photographer at the blockade on the on the Olympic Hot Springs Road, where my sister and her husband had been refused entry,. I said "Sure"  Paul said, "If you both leave now, Chris Tucker will meet you at the gate."

I got to the gate first, parked my car and walked over to a little blond guard. I said, "I am an Inholder and I want to go up to my property."

She said, "you can't go in , only people that have business can go through."

I said "I have business, I am an Inholder and my property is up the road."

The little blond said, "Is your house up there?"

I said, "No, but, (I saw a black car pull in and park) You see that guy over there? (Chris was walking toward us) He is a photographer from the Peninsula Daily News and he is here to take a picture of you refusing me entry to my property."

The little blond looked at Chris and then back at me and said "I have to make a phone call".

Chris, had a camera in his hand, we introduced ourselves, I told Chris that I had just been refused entry. We waited about two minutes and the little blond came over and said "You can go right in".

Chris asked to take a picture of me in front of the gate, he took 3 or four pictures and then he said, "Now can I have one of you, not smiling?"

It was a fleeting victory, entry was only made possible by the power of the press.

See the following if you are interested in the rest, of the rest of the story.

Pearl Rains Hewett


The notarized document  "Conspiracy Exposed" was written on Oct. 8,1992 by George C. Rains Sr. when he was 77 years old.

The referenced "Conspiracy" was exposed in a conversation at Sol Duc Hot Springs between the acting Olympic National Park Superintendent Preston Macy and my father George C. Rains Sr. in 1944.

"George, I should not tell you this, but the long range plan of the National Park Service is to take the whole Olympic Peninsula over and put it in the Olympic National Park and move everyone off the Olympic Peninsula."

The proof of this conspiracy has and is being proven in the step by step acquisition of private and DNR land by the National Park Service, as this is being written and during the last 19 years from 1992 to 2011.

The nine page summary includes some of the 48 year history of Clallam County from 1944 to 1992 and is his proof of the conspiracy.

It's a good read from a historical standpoint and a cautionary statement to the citizens of Clallam County.

Could this happen to Clallam County by imminent domain, isolation, regulation, restriction and/or economic starvation?

Pearl Rains Hewett

AS done, proposed or referenced in 1992 document
Sol Duc Hot Springs
Olympic Hot Springs
Four Seasons
Pacific Ocean Coast
Lake Ozette
Quinault River
Lake Quinault
Lake Mills property loss of fishing
Removal of Lake Mills Dam loss of flood control and electricity
Lake Aldwell loss of fishing
Removal of Lake Aldwell Dam loss of flood control and electricity
Glines Canyon Dam
North West Marine sanctuary
56 miles of tidelands
Eminent domain of Lake Crescent private property
Million dollar sewer treatment plant
Clallam County Roads around Lake Crescent
Why the Lake Crescent property taken from Jack Olsen became the summer home of  Chief Justice Douglas of the US Supreme court?
Elwha River Private recreational park destroyed
Lake Crescent purchase of 79.81 acres of land for $410,000.00
Control of wetlands
Taking of corridors on rivers and streams (200 foot?)
Excessive fees and taxes
Taking of private property and property rights

If you have read this far, and are interested in a copy of the full nine page document please contact me.
Pearl Rains Hewett
(360) 417-9452

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