Statement to County Commissioners: ‘No Net Loss’ ‘Interlocal agreement with Jefferson County‘

from Dr. Karl Spees,
President of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR)
of Clallam County

Posted: 8/23/2011

This is the statement I made at the Clallam County Commissioners’ meeting on August 23, 2011:

NNL [No Net Loss] is the implementation of a political agenda and pseudo-science under the pretext of Saving the Environment AKA Saving the Planet.

The Political part is the transfer of power from the citizens to the State. It has many names: Statism, Socialism, Marxism, Globalism. They are incompatible with the Washington State Constitution.

The Pseudo-science part is non-sense and non-science. It is a perversion of the Precautionary Principle. This is the false perceived need to trade safety for liberty and freedom. The State Scientists behind it seem to be from the shallow end of the Scientific Pool.

The Pretext of Saving the Environment (Saving the Planet) is the new State sponsored pseudo-religion. The State imposing their religion on the citizens is a very bad idea. It is part of the ‘Re-Wilding’ of the Peninsula. This is the surreptitious implementation of UN Agenda 21.

The NNL implementation in Jefferson County is an economical disaster. A segment of the Citizens of Jefferson County are onto this very destructive government policy of ‘taking thru regulation‘. It will surely be litigated. Clallam County should not go down that wrong road by joining in Jefferson County’s government sponsored folly.

NNL is contrary to the best interests of the Citizens. NNL is contrary to the State Constitution. NNL should be summarily rejected.

At the March 2011 FEMA Flood Plain Conference in Edmonds, a gentleman from the Tulalip Tribe blew the DoE’s cover. He said and I paraphrase: ‘When the white man came to this country he took the land. NNL is the first step in taking it back.’ The Politicians and State, thru their appointed DoE agents, are trying to take the land from the Citizens of the State. This must not be allowed.

Karl Spees – Concerned Citizen of Clallam County